Isabella von Philippovich rund

I’m Isabella von Philippovich, founder of Business with Personality, personal branding strategist and authenticity enthusiast.


If you want to run a thriving business, creating your personal brand is a non-negotiable skill set. It shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or forced.

Instead, I believe that marketing yourself and what you are passionate about based on what you stand for, should be effortless.

To market in a way that feels good will transform your business. Actually, it is pretty simple: BE YOURSELF and everything will be fine!

If you let go of outdated patterns, limiting beliefs, invented rules, expectation of others and stop acting like you are not good enough, you will regain your inherent voice and be empowered to share your personality with the world.

You can do this – believe me! And I can help you.

Tap into your uniqueness and it will give you the ability to lead yourself where you want to go. It’s the foundation for what you want to create. It’s for connecting with the people, and how that is going to lead to the business growth that brings you the wealth, peace and ease you desire.

Let’s be honest: marketing has gotten a bad reputation. Most of us remember having felt manipulated about advertising or have watched that TV commercials are stretching the truth, simply to make us buy or stimulate a desire we weren’t aware of. That’s reason enough many of us are reluctant to put ourselves out there.

It feels scary and discomfort arises when you think about marketing and selling yourself. You assume you might turn people off by promoting in a way that feels uncomfortable, because you believe you have to market forceful. Overwhelm creeps in by all the marketing possibilities and you feel intimidated by all the popular people who market themselves online, seemingly successful. You’ve got some ideas, but you’re struggling to find the expression for your personal brand. What you’ve got feels awkward, not really you.


Thankfully, times are changing. The internet gives people the opportunity to become more selective about the information they consume. Nowadays, we decide how we market ourselves. People care about the connection they have with those they buy from and the truthfulness in their services. That means it is possible to brand yourself in the most authentic way – your way!

Once you are in tune with your authentic personal brand, business and life become effortless, because it resonates with who you are and what you stand for.

Let’s uncover your genuine personality. I will help you along the way.

I know first-hand the challenges that arise when you work towards an inspired and fulfilling business. I was on a mission to create my dream life, doing everything I had been taught. After some years, things didn’t make sense, I realised it was from an outdated paradigm called ‘more success, bigger and better’. At some point, I felt uncomfortable within the corporate world, even though I became quite successful, having had a lot of responsibility in my job as a consultant and as managing director of a marketing company. Part of this job description was being a public figure. To me, it felt like playing a role in a piece I hadn’t written. People just made up a personal brand that had little to do with my true personality. It just happened by accident, felt awkward and no way authentic. Going for success based on external achievements only did not equate to satisfaction or true fulfillment for me. I quit.
It took me a while to understand my purpose and talent as well as my ongoing personal evolution. Now I cultivate the truest expression of my authentic self in business and in life. I learned the lesson, that it is up to me how I define and control my authentic brand, based on who I am.

This is what I do. I help conscious entrepreneurs find their foundation in their authentic personal brand so they can thrive and flourish to the top of their industry.

I combine my strategic business experience with my ability to see the bigger picture and my passion for honest marketing to see more authenticity happen in business.


Isabella von Philippovich is a personal branding strategist. It is her mission to help entrepreneurs enhance their business and marketing with uniqueness, authenticity and personality. She is known for her clarity and ability to see the bigger picture to help people redefine what’s possible. Isabella has a degree in economic geography and economic and social psychology. Her professional career led her to leading positions in the consulting and tourism industry, finally as executive director of a tourism-marketing organisation. Isabella teaches at universities and training academies on a regular base. Her professional skills are complemented with a certificate in Life and Business coaching as well as and various transformational techniques. She has developed a unique way of blending her varied qualifications and life experiences to create an approach to life and business that is both soulful and practical.

She was born in Copenhagen, raised in the beauty of the Austrian Alpes and lived temporarily across Europe in UK and in Spain. She currently resides in Berlin and loves living a healthy lifestyle.